Anti-Slip Glute Band Set
Anti-Slip Glute Band Set
Anti-Slip Glute Band Set
Anti-Slip Glute Band Set

Anti-Slip Glute Band Set

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  • We created these Anti-Slip Glute Bands because we wanted to give you another tool that will help you get closer to reaching your health and fitness goals. This set includes three bands that have three different resistance levels - low, medium, and high. These bands are the perfect accessory to add to your workouts and will take your leg and booty routines to the next level. They are durable and long-lasting. They will not roll up like latex bands and contain anti-slip technology. They can be used for any type of workouts including glute/hip activation and strength techniques, to warming up your entire body while performing a dynamic warm up. They are great for the gym, home, or outside workouts. Includes a nylon carry bag so you can take them with you anywhere. 


  • Thick Cotton/Spandex Fabric: Durable and stretchy
  • Anti-Slip Technology: Two layers of latex on the interior of the band ensures that there is no slippage during your workout
  • Rubber-Raised Logo: Ensures longevity
  • Three Bands: Three different resistance levels (sizes) 

Size Chart (Inches)


Measurement (inches)

S - Grey (High Resistance)



M - Mint Green (Medium Resistance)



L - Black (Low Resistance)



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